Michael Tribe

This is my first attempt at setting up a personal website. I am Michael Andrew Tribe, born in Erith, Kent UK in October 1943 (at that time in North West Kent rather than South East London as it is now) but moved with my mother soon afterwards to the house of her immediate family in Woodmansterne, Surrey while my father was with the Royal Army Service Corps during the Second World War.

This introduction is being written in November 2015 at which time I am settled in the West End of Glasgow.

In the first instance the principal objective of this website is to make my curriculum vitae and a number of published and unpublished papers accessible. In due course the website can be developed to include a wider range of materials.

I have a number of email addresses at which I can be contacted, but the first port of call can be michael.tribe35@gmail.com – please note that this is a ‘new’ email address because my previous ‘freeserve’ address will be closed down by EE at the end of May 2017.

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